Computers & Networks

Phoenix Business Technologies Group offers a comprehensive range of services. We are here to support your needs, not to squeeze you into a template. We are not here to press your budget, either.

Consultative Support

PBTG supports small businesses of all sizes from one person to fifty or more people. We offer consultation and implementation of new or additional computer/network needs with the goal of addressing what specifically will work best for you and your organization. We can assess additional equipment or services you might be considering, and make recommendations for solutions to enhance your existing office infrastructure. This covers everything from peripherals, internet access, mobile access, routers, firewalls, switching, anti-virus, anti-spam, e-mail services, licensing, hardware and telecommunications

Server Technology Services & Security

We have experience sbluelockervicing a wide array of on premises, or hosted servers and applications of all types. From bare metal installations, to virtual solutions.

The solutions we apply are always based purely on your needs and preference. We wont sell you something you don’t need, just to profit on it. We seek trials, as apposed to purchasing unneeded software.

We can offer multiple solutions for each of your computing requirements.

  • File Sharing; We can set up a full blown domain, a network attach storage device, or give a cloud based solution at our Data Center to avoid onsite maintenance costs.
  • Email; We can offer several options for on premises mail server solutions for maximum command and control, or a cloud based solution for maximum mobility and up time.
  • Network Security/User Accounts; We can set up multiple layers of security to prevent prying eyes from accessing confidential information. We never forget though, our job is to make sure your data is available upon demand. We wont force you to jump through hoops to get at it.

Workstation/Computer Installation, Maintenance And Repair

PBTG supports most all brands of personal computers. Hardware compatibility, drivers, software packages, you name it. We’ll help you spec out a machine that can run your CAD program with maximum bang for your buck. We can help you pick that perfect PC to get your data, and application running with the performance you want, at a price you can afford.

We’ll clean physical particulates from your tower, or get that spyware/junk ware off your laptop.

We can even resurrect the data from your computer with a failed motherboard, or replace that video card which has been triggering that blue screen of death.


netdiagJust setting up that new office? We’ll help you pick the hardware to accomplish your goals. The right firewall, the right switch. The right computers, and server hardware. We’ll get that data out over the wire, or the wireless to those workstations, and make sure it stays running. If it goes down, a person will greet your support call, not a robot. We’ll have you back online in a flash.

Got an office set up already? Is you phone closet a mess? We cant claim to have seen it all, as we are continually surprised, but we’ve seen a lot. We have the tools and experience to sort that rats nest. We are able to source your issues quickly on a local area network, and get you and you employees back to work.

If your concerned your infrastructure has bloated unnecessarily, or that you may not be getting a fair shake form your current support team, let us know. We’ll check it out in an expeditious, but more importantly honest and fair way.

Other IT companies often call us in for onsite hands because they know were here to support them, our clients. Our experience and ingenuity are poised to correct their concerns quickly.

Facilities Maintenance

PBTG offers a number of monthly maintenance contracts to monitor your computer systems and help you maintain a healthy network. Every contract is tailored to the clients need. While we would love to be your one stop shop, if you like your web guy, were not going to force you to use ours. If you have help desk team, who needs a little help we can come up with an agreement for that too. Need a Business Associates Agreement due to sensitive data? Were you guys!

Monthly Server Examination And Maintenance

Our full service clients are privileged to have proactive maintenance. We offer 100% coverage for your server and network. PBTG will provide all labor at no additional cost under you contract, in the event of a system breakdown. We will always handle your concerns with the utmost urgency.

Full service clients get a monthly Inspection of their servereven if everything appears to be running well.

  • We will check the event logs and resolve critically recurring errors.
  • We will install and deploy critical updates and patches
  • We will check to ensure your anti-virus solutions are current, with the virus definitions up to date, and and verify there are no active alerts. We will even extend this to the workstations, if there is a centrally managed solution in play.
  • We will verify proper backup of your data, for both archiving and disaster recovery.
  • You will receive 20% discount from our hourly rates for any work performed outside the contract as a full service customer.