For the majority of small businesses, a full time IT professional is not in the financial picture. Outsourcing is no less expensive and is usually impersonal and time consuming. Phoenix offers a unique blend of informational technology skills and a depth of operational knowledge and experience to provide you a “one stop” solution for small businesses. PBTG is a Microsoft Certified Partner.
The following are examples of computer and network services PBTG offers:
Consultative support
•   PBTG supports small businesses of all sizes from three people to fifty or more people.
•   Do you need new computer equipment? PBTG certified professionals are able to discuss
•   specifically what technologies will work best for your company.
•   Adding services? PBTG can recommend solutions to enhance your existing office
•   network, from DSL internet access, routers and firewalls to anti-virus, anti-spam and e
•   -mail technology.
Server technology and services
•   We are experts with all versions of Windows Server network operating systems. Including
•   Small Business Server, Exchange Server, Internet Information Server (IIS), Terminal
•   Server, and more.
•   Server installation: PBTG can custom design server systems including data fault
•   tolerance (RAID), data archiving, and scalability to meet your company’s needs.
•   Data migration: PBTG can migrate your important data and programs from your old
•   system to new equipment with little or no interruption to your business.
•   Security: With Windows Active Directory and NTFS file security, PBTG is able to lock down
•   your important and sensitive data from prying eyes.
Computer installation, maintenance and repair
•   PBTG supports all brands of personal computers.
•   PBTG certified technicians can repair or upgrade your existing workstation hardware and
•   software, including peripherals, Windows operating systems, and 3rd party applications.
•   Troubleshooting: Whether you’ve encountered an unknown error or something just isn’t
•   working the way it normally did, PBTG technicians can diagnose your problem and get
•   you back up and working fast.
•   PBTG can design and support networking configuration of all sizes from a simple
•   Ethernet LAN up through an enterprise WAN over T1 lines with frame relay connecting
•   multiple office locations anywhere.
•   Firewall security is more important than ever. If you’re on the internet and do not have a
•   firewall, PBTG can integrate and support a cost-effective solution that will protect your
•   network.
•   Wireless: For the home or office, you can connect your computers without wires and
•   still have all the functionality of a traditional wired network. Utilize WPA or WEP encryption
•   technology to prevent unauthorized wireless access to your network. PDA users can
•   incorporate wireless email delivery services.
•   Remote Networking: For users on the road, connect your laptop to your network via
•   Windows Virtual Private Networking (VPN). Unauthorized access is secured using PPTP
•   or L2TP technologies.
Facilities Maintenance
PBTG offers two types of monthly maintenance contracts to monitor your computer systems and maintain a healthy network.
•   Server and network infrastructure only
•   Server and complete network, including all client computers
Monthly server examination and maintenance
•   100% coverage for your server and network. PBTG will provide all labor free of charge to
•   repair your server or networking equipment in the event it fails to work. This excludes new
•   requests or changes to your existing configuration.
•   Priority customer support. We will handle your calls with the utmost urgency.
•   Inspection of server Event Logs.
•   Install Windows Critical Updates and patches once per month or as needed.
•   Anti-virus check to ensure current virus definitions and protection.
•   Data archiving check to ensure proper backup of your important data.
•   20% discount from our hourly rates for any work performed outside the contract.
Full facilities maintenance
In addition, to the Server only plan:
•   100% coverage for all your office computers and peripherals. Troubleshooting and Help
•   Desk support for all users with any problems and questions regarding their computer
•   hardware and software. This offer excludes any adds, moves, or changes to your existing
•   equipment.
•   LAN diagram: we will create a pictorial diagram of your network that shows the layout of
•   your network and equipment.
Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003
PBTG has been installing and supporting SBS since Microsoft first introduced the software which ran Windows NT. This network operating system is ideal for small businesses with a modest IT budget. The software is actually a suite of Microsoft server products including:
•   Windows server 2003 operating system
•   Exchange server 2003
•   Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0 (WSS)
•   Internet Information Server 6 (IIS)
•   Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA) – optional
•   SQL server 2000 – optional
The benefits of running SBS for your small business are numerous. You only need to run one server on your network to take advantage of all the server products included, which significantly cuts down on hardware costs. SBS can create a central and secure place to store all your critical business data.
Visit Microsoft’s own site for more information regarding SBS: